Krista Liney

The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination – it’s all the stuff that happens along the way. It’s what gives us character. Experience. Perspective. And if you’re the child of a military father, the roads are long, varied, and plentiful. Born at Ft. Ritchie in Maryland – but with roots firmly planted in Georgia – Krista Liney grew up traveling those roads before settling in New York City.

Throughout her childhood, Krista was always drawn to the visual arts, repeatedly watching and absorbing the language of cinema. In New York, she took advantage of every opportunity to learn all facets of the production machine: Shooting, editing, broadcasting, and even driving a production truck all over Manhattan.

It is known that an object in motion stays in motion. Krista continued her trajectory of success, working as a freelance coordinator, PM, and producer on commercials, music videos and live events. When she decided to go into television, she began line-producing at Sundance Channel and then A&E Networks where she spent over a decade. She transitioned from production to creative, moving to History Marketing as Senior Creative Director then as SVP Brand Creative. She is rightfully proud to have been a part of some of the most groundbreaking campaigns on television.

“I feel my role is to manifest ideas. I take products of the imagination
and turn them into reality.”

Krista began actively directing in 2008, taking all of her years leading a creative marketing team and translating that into leading a creative film team. From writers and designers, to production teams and editors, she loves assembling the right team for the project and fostering their creativity.

The competency of her work is evident as she is perpetually discovering how to best tell the story and keep it compelling. From high-profile spots including FOX’s BH90210 and ABC’s The Bachelor to more personal projects including Lifetime’s PSA “Without Bias” – which garnered her a Daytime Emmy nomination – she focuses on how to engage the viewer, convey emotion, and communicate all pertinent messaging.

She loves to travel and snowboards whenever she can. Krista keeps an “Adventure List” on her refrigerator. Items checked off her list? Hiking Machu Picchu, running the NYC Marathon, and jumping out of an airplane at 18,000 feet. Still on that list: Sandboarding the Moroccan desert and cage diving with great white sharks. (Yes, seriously!)




To see more of Krista’s work please contact us, we would be happy to curate a reel!